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Service. 24.12.2009

William John “Jack” Campton

Aged 87 Years 15.07.1922-21.12.2009

A graveside service was held on Thursday 24th December, 2009 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Officiating at the service was Celebrant Michelle Latham.

Memories of Jack’s life were shared with all, together with a tribute by the Members of the Vietnam Veteran’s Association of St. Mary’s for the time that Jack served in the Army…

A wonderful father, brother, Pa, mate & digger, Jack will be forever missed by all who were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with such an amazing man…

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Funeral Poem

Don’t Grieve

'Today I left my loved ones and as I go I pray,
Lord don't let them grieve too much, because I've died today.
Let there be no wailing echoing the halls,
The same halls that held laughter and answers to my calls.
I pray they all take comfort accepting the true way,
And listen when I tell them these three things today.
Love will be forever, a promise that will last.
So love me more than ever now my time with you has passed.
And last of all remember the glowing love to be,
When our eyes meet once again, for all eternity.'

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