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Service. 03.05.2010

Ronald McDiarmid

Aged 68 Years 25.09.1941-25.04.2010

The Celebration of Ron’s Life took place on Monday 3rd May, 2010 within the West Chapel of Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury. The service was officiated by Celebrant Pat Batistic.

The service commenced with Ron’s granddaughters – Rebecca & Samantha painting his casket with messages of love for their Poppy, who not only held a special place in their heart, but the 2 girls were the apple of Ron’s eyes also.

Memories of Ron’s life were spoken by his brother John, whilst Ron’s friend Tony spoke of the wonderful man who was a great neighbour that loved morning tea, in particular cream cakes..

A tribute by Mr. John Foeken & Members of the Vietnam Veteran’s Association of St. Mary’s also took place for the time that Ron served in the Navy.

A man that touched many hearts, Ron will be forever loved & admired, but never forgotten.

Ronald McDiarmid's Guestbook

  1. Ron you will always be in our memories.
    Paul Janet Melanie Mitchell and Rachael Green xx

    Janet Green

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Funeral Poem


By Unknown Author

'While walking down a usual path
to welcome in the spring
I chanced upon a graceful dove,
which had a broken wing.
He looked so out of place to me,
helpless on the ground.
As I moved to where he lay,
I heard a mournful sound.
My heart was burdened by the thought,
that I could do no good.
He seemed to sense that I would
help him, if only I could.
I gently held him to my breast
as minutes turned to hours.
I knew his life was slipping past
as we sat among the flowers.
I begged him to forgive me for
the things I could not do
and promised him “That if I
could I’d give my wings to you”
I glanced above and found his
friends that circled in the skies
Then noticed that my wounded dove
had closed his gentle eyes.
One cannot change the way of things,
I thought as I made his grave.
Nor is a single moment yours,
to stop the clock and save.
Then as I walked away from him,
I heard an angel sing
and I knew someday I’d meet again,
my dove with a broken wing.'

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