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Service. 04.06.2009

Richard Charles Mansfield

Aged 56 Years 05.04.1953-01.06.2009

Rick’s life was celebrated on Thursday 4th June, 2009 within the North Chapel of the Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury. The service was officiated by Celebrant Michelle Latham (JP).

The chapel was overflowing with family members, work colleagues and Naval personnel all attending to say farewell to a wonderful man that touched the hearts of many.

Tributes by his family and friends alike ensured that Rick will always be remembered.

A special thank you to the members of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia – St.Mary’s Outpost Sub-branch for their attendance also.

Rick will be forever in the hearts of his wife Michelle, children Kylie and Stephen, grandchildren Tyrel and Jaimahl, family members and the many friends that Rick made through the journey of his life.

Richard Charles Mansfield's Guestbook

  1. Uncle Rick was the best uncle.
    whenever i looked down he would always make me laugh or put a smile on my face. i didn’t get to see him as often as i would have liked, and it was so sad i had to see him like that. when i first got the news of his passing , i didn’t believe it at first, like a dream, it didn’t feel real, or maybe the fact that i didn’t want it to be. its been 2 months now and theres not a day i don’t think about him. though out of this it has made me and my family come together even closer.

    i will always love and miss uncle rick.

    yours faithfully,
    cheyenne mansfield.

    Cheyenne Mansfield
  2. Its been a year an a half since you’ve been gone; and everyday i wake up i still cant believe it, you were amazing & ill never forget you, you’ll always be a part of my life. <3

    Cheyenne Mansfield

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Funeral Poem


By Unknown

'While walking down a usual path to welcome in the spring
I chanced upon a graceful dove, which had a broken wing.
He looked so out of place to me, helpless on the ground.
As I moved to where he lay, I heard a mournful sound.
My heart was burdened by the thought, that I could do no good.
He seemed to sense that I would help him, if only I could.
I gently held him to my breast as minutes turned to hours.
I knew his life was slipping past as we sat among the flowers.
I begged him to forgive me for the things I could not do
and promised him “That if I could I’d give my wings to you”
I glanced above and found his friends that circled in the skies
Then noticed that my wounded dove had closed his gentle eyes.
One cannot change the way of things, I thought as I made his grave.
Nor is a single moment yours, to stop the clock and save.
Then as I walked away from him, I heard an angel sing
and I knew someday I’d meet again, my dove with a broken wing.'

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