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Service. 09.09.2010

Mark John “Ando” Jeffrey

Aged 48 Years 06.10.1961-01.09.2010

The funeral notice read “Heaven needed our Hero” & truer words could not be written or spoken of Mark..

The Camellia Chapel at Macquarie Park Crematorium was filled with family and friends alike who came to bid a fond farewell to a man that was larger than life. Mark’s service on Thursday 9th September, 2010 was officiated by his business associate and colleague Michelle Latham – a service delivered with much love & emotion to the man that gave her the opportunity to work alongside of him..

Mark had a very close affiliation with the members of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia – St. Mary’s Outpost Sub – Branch & to honour the respect that they too had for him, the members formed a guard of honour as Mark was carried into the Chapel by his nephews, friends & his son..

Mr. John Foeken – Welfare Officer of VVAA, delivered a very moving tribute to the man that he called “Boofhead”, the man that he remembers fondly the first time that Mark did a service with the Vets & Mark purchased a suit for the digger that was to be laid to rest as he had no family..he also spoke of the “bling” he wore & his lack of colour taste when it came to his clothes!

Mark’s sister Donna spoke of the love that only a sister has for a brother – sibling rivalry, respect, admiration, huge heart of gold and laughter..Donna and Moggs will miss the drops in at Statewide, the colourful conversations & never knowing whether the coat hanger was plastic or gold!!.

Michelle spoke on behalf of Karen, Mark’s partner of the wonderful love that they shared & the strength that he gave her..She will miss her best friend & soul mate…

An open floor led to many, both friends & family alike, speaking openly of the times that Mark has helped them over the years  &  they openly discussed the wonderful person that Mark was & the funny times shared.

An opportunity given to Michelle led to a great partnership that laid the foundation of success of Heavenly Celebration Funerals..the legacy will continue to live on..

A man that called a spade a spade, but by saying that would give you the shirt off his back or the watch from his wrist was laid to rest with his Mum as the song “Wind beneath my wings” was played & balloons released..

As the funeral notice read “Heaven needed our Hero”…

Mark John “Ando” Jeffrey's Guestbook

  1. Dear Mark,

    I hope you are having a great time in Heaven with your Mummy and Aunty Peggy, probably playing bullrush, union or tip..

    I hope you liked my drawing that I did for you..

    I love you lots and miss you lots :)

    From Kyle Latham

  2. Queen Street isnt the same without you Mark. Still expecting you to barge through our door and hang over the reception desk for a chat. We miss you lots. Alex and I will be visiting you on your birthday as she was overseas and unable to attend your service.

    Rest in Peace
    Christine Barnes

    christine barnes
  3. Thank you for opening the door to a different way of life for Karen and making her so happy.
    We wish we had known you for longer, the time we did know you will always be special to us.
    Oh, nearly forgot……..they said you called a spade a spade……. I beg to differ……. you called it a … shovel !!!
    Fondest memories
    Rest in Peace

    Heather & Ron
  4. Mark,
    Cant believe it has been a month since you were taken from us..It all still seems so surreal…
    I miss you not being with me on the services and not receiving your valued input after them…I am sure that you will still send me the signals as you always did!!
    Think of you always
    Michelle xxx..

  5. Mark,
    The news of your sudden death was a real shock. Sorry I couldnt be there for your service.
    I hope you are catching up with Bob now. Thank you for making me understand that life goes on even after death., that our loved ones are always with us.

    Rest in Peace

    Jill Plummer
  6. Dear Mark,

    I hope you have a lovely time playing with your Ultimatrix Ben 10 toy that I got you for your birthday..

    I miss you lots & wish you were here..I went to the Gold Coast with Mummy and had a great time..

    love Kyle xoxoxo

  7. Mark,

    Thinking of you heaps today..Miss you lots..people still coming into the Office & expecting you to be sitting on the lounge & greeting them with your happy smile..have a wonderful day..a special star is shining tonight xxx

  8. Dear Mark
    so sad and shocked to read of your passing….Thankyou for the help you gave us through the hardest times in our lives…You made us see that there was life after death and we should make Dad’s funeral a celebration of his life a day to cherish and remember always….Dads funeral was him right down to the coffin being carried into to the Melbourne cup and we have you to thank for such a special memory…Keep a look out for the Dragon flies :) you were a special person RIP.

  9. Hey buddy,

    We had the Vets Xmas Party yesterday -you would have been pleased with everythng..Last year I had you by my side making a speech, this year you were still there, but ina very different & special way:) Yes, the tears were flowing because I am so grateful for the opportunity that you gave to me & you introduced me to such beautiful people as the Vietnam Vets and their wives..we missed your bling xxx

  10. sorry to hear about mark..he gave me a lot of advice when i was in the industry..may i ask what he passed away from….condolences to his family..and the larrikan will be missed

    michelle williams
  11. Dad
    It has nearly been six years since you left us, I still think about you and miss you every single day. I’m living in Brisbane now with my beautiful partner shannon, we will celebrate five years of being together this september. I’ve just finished my first semester at university, I’m studying exercise and movement science and i’m doing very well and have learned a whole lot.
    Thank you for teaching me everything you did to allow me to be the person i am today, I know you would be proud of me, and it is that thought that keeps me going. Shannon sends her love and always wishes she could meet you. I love and miss you dearly, until next time old mate, take care.


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' We can't have old days back
When we were all together.
But secret tears and loving thoughts
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