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Service. 08.07.2010

Lucy Attwater

Aged 61 Years 29.10.1948-04.07.2010

Over 150 family members & friends attended the Celebration of Life of Lucy Attwater on Thursday 8th July, 2010. The service was held within the North Chapel of Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Leppington & officiated by Celebrant Michelle Latham.

Memories of Lucy’s life were spoken by her daughters Katrina & Jackie who paid tribute to the wonderful warm loving, gregarious and caring mother Lucy was..

A DVD showcasing the many facets of Lucy’s life was also shown..

Lucy touched many, many lives – her photo’s depicted a lady that loved life and who was admired and respected by so many people – all of whom are grateful for the impact that she had on their lives.

An inspiration to us all, Lucy will be forever loved, never, ever forgotten…

Lucy Attwater's Guestbook

  1. Mum i miss you so much!!!!!!! I still can not believe you have left us, I do hope you are in a better place and free from pain and suffering, You were my best friend and my mother and that just shows how lucky I’am to be your daughter. Mum i have lit a candle every single day sinse you left just like you would have wanted and i will continue to keep doing so. Mum its so hard without you because everything has changed and will never be the same I want you back so bad!!!!!!!!

    Jackie Attwater
  2. to my soul mate you gave me 2 lovly daughters and so far to grand kids u gave so much to me and i would like to say tank u ill allways know u r around as soul mates neaver say good by toeach other xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx barry

  3. Lucy, what a honour to be apart of your life. You opened your arms to me and made me feel loved, thank you. You have a special place in my heart forever, i love you like a mum Lucy and always will xxxxoooo

    Katrina Finley
  4. Love you heaps sis.Miss you very very much.Love you allways.See you soon in Heaven.Love Jane(sis)xoxoxoxoxoxo

    Jane Xuereb
  5. Lucy, you were a very good friend miss you alot. Wish you were here with us.Love Laurie xoxoxoxo

    Laurie Xuereb
  6. Miss you heaps sis.Wish you were here with me.See you in Heaven sis.Love you allways.Love Jane(sis)xoxoxo

    Jane Xuereb
  7. It has been 2 months since the most important person in my life passed away…. It still feels like a dream, and hurts like hell!!!!!! I miss you more than ever mum ♥

    Jackie Attwater
  8. mum its been just over two months and the hardest two months of my life,you were my mum and my best friend, we had our ups and downs but we got on so well in the last few years and now you r gone and its so hard your not with us anymore, life is not the same without r missed so much by me and everyone. i hope you r in a better place and with no pain because you deserve that.MUM i miss you so much i really wish you were here. love you always your daughter sue.xxxxxx

    sue coleiro
  9. sue that is very lovly mum is never gorn she is in our harts just look up to the sky and the brights stars is mums eys looking down at u barry

  10. Mum,
    Tomorrrow is my birthday, If i could have only one wish it would be to have you back,!!! I love you so much mum and i need you now more than ever. We have decided to go camping for the weekend we will be leaving on friday and come home sunday. love you so much and miss you so much more. please send me a sign… Im still waiting xx
    love you always and forever
    Jackie Attwater

    Jackie Attwater
  11. i need u mum……. i miss you so much!!! everyday is getting harder without you…

    Jackie Attwater
  12. I will never forget you Lucy ,You were my best friend and will always stay close in my heart. And iam sure we will meet again one day and we will start our new friendship again.

    Love always Mizzi family.

    Mary Mizzi and Family
  13. Mary Mizzi im sorry if i cant remember you but how did u know my mum???? i would like to get in contact with you if you get this message please contact me on face bbok or 0246 477 594
    thank u

    Jackie Attwater
  14. Mum, my angel i know you are not suffering anymore and that is the only thing that helps my life dosent feel right without you anymore and Mataylah and Bella miss you sooo much.
    Bella tells me about your visits with her and that brings some comfort, knowing that she has you with her so thankyou and dad is honestly soo lost without you but you must be proud he cooks, cleans and mops hehe you have taught him well mum.
    Dad is keeping the house very clean and tidy.
    I love you and i hate that i couldnt help you, its just not fair but i am always going to try and make you proud, my kids are my life and i am doing everything i can to give them the happiest most memorable childhood possible so i am sure you approve the choices i have made as it is souly for my babies.
    I love you mum and will forever strive to do you proud!
    XXXXOOOO your daughter Katrina.

    katrina attwater
  15. Life is not fair mum i just want u back, we need you here

    Jackie Attwater
  16. 8 month tomorrow you were taken from us MUM still feels like yestaerday i love you and miss you soooo much…………………….

    Jackie Attwaster
  17. Mum its been three long years and i still struggle to get through. You weren’t just a mum you were my best friend. I look at your picture everyday to get me through also knowing that your not in pain anymore helps me. The boys have grown up to be fine young men, you always said that you were proud of them. They talk about you all the time. Mum you will never be forgotten we all love you so much, your daughter Annette xxxooo

    Annette Whale
  18. I miss you soo much, I just wish there was something more I could have done to protect you from the pain and suffering you went through.
    You are my Angel in the sky and I will forever be proud to call you my mum, I just wish with all my might that you where still here, I feel soo broken without you mum but for dad and the girls I will be strong and do what needs to be done just like you always did.
    Love you mum xxxx

  19. Mum you were the glue in the family that kept us together, how things have changed now. I know you loved your grand kids DJ now a Brick layer & Jaz doing awesome in year 12 how we miss you so so very much.
    Your life was full of loving deeds, for ever thoughtful of our special needs today & tomorrow, my whole life through I will always love and cherish you.

    Dave Coleiro
  20. Mum, I miss you soo much I honestly do not know how I have gotten through the last 5 years without you!
    I would give anything to have you here where you belong.
    I love you mum more then life itself

  21. Mum I cannot believe it’s been 5 years since I got to see and touch you.
    Time does not make it easier it actually seems harder, my heart is broken life has not been the same and never will be, the only comfort I get is knowing you are pain free and with your family and friends that where taken from you.
    I am getting married next year and would do/give anything to have you there in person.
    I love and miss you so much my angel in the sky xxx

    Katrina Attwater
  22. Mum. Almost 6 years!!! I miss you so much and wish you were here so bad. Life has been so hard since you were taken from us. I wish we could turn back time and do so many things different and maybe you would still be here with us where you belong. People say in time things get easier but honestly I have found it so much harder. I Really hope you are looking down on us because I have 2 little girls who look up to you in the sky. I promise to make sure my girls know everything I know about you. I love you and miss you more and more every day.

    Jackie Attwater

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'Your touch, your smile,
Was always so tender,
Today, tomorrow,
We will always remember.'

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