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Service. 10.05.2010

Graeme Charles “Bridges” Miner

Aged 51 Years 26.02.1959-01.05.2010

To begin the Celebration of Graeme’s Life, the procession into Pinegrove Memorial Park was led by 2 trucks from Graeme’s work, one of which was his own truck.  Over 100 family members & friends gathered in the North Chapel on Monday 10th May, 2010 to bid farewell to a man that loved life & lived each day to the fullest. Graeme’s service was officiated by Celebrant Michelle Latham.

Memories of Graeme’s life were spoken by his sister Christine, who delivered the moving tribute of her brother on behalf of the family. Sandra, on behalf of her husband Woody, also spoke of the great times that were shared with Graeme when they worked together..

A gentle, loving, warm, but sometimes stubborn soul, Graeme loved his family, in particular his grandchildren..

A special thanks to the Members of the Vietnam Veteran’s Association of Australia – St.Marys Outpost Sub Branch for their tribute to Graeme & the time that he served in the Navy.

Graeme Charles “Bridges” Miner's Guestbook

  1. ‘ll miss you

    The question was,
    what would i ever do?
    if i ever lost you.
    And now it’s time
    to find out.
    But i know that deep in my heart poppy
    that this is what life is about.
    I will really truly miss you
    as i am sure everyone will,
    and i know it will really be hard for me
    to see you lie so still.
    Not hearing your voice anymore
    or answering questions at hand,
    but i will always have the memories
    and the memories of you are grand.
    You were there throughout my life
    and you were the closest person to me,
    you being gone i never imagined
    but now it’s what i see.
    In some ways you might be gone
    but i’ll think of you as being here,
    still continuing to love us
    as you’ve done with so much care.
    You have given me alot in life
    and the best thing i will tell you now,
    it’s to have a heart that cares an respects
    and for this you have shown me how.
    For this i thank you grandpa
    i could not have asked for anything more,
    thats hat you gave me that meant the most
    from a man i so much adore.
    I wasn’t able to say goodbye the way i wanted
    but at least i got to see your smile,
    and that made the last day we spent together
    all the more worthwhile.
    So if i am standing before you
    and you see my eyes become teared,
    understand that it is my thoughts of you,
    and the time and love we shared.
    I remember every time on the phone together
    you ended with see you later and not goodbye,
    and now i know what you meant
    and completely understand why.
    So if you dont mind poppy
    i’d like to continue visting just the same,
    and be there as much as possible
    to sit before your name.
    I cant express how much i love you
    but i think you already know,
    because it always showed from within your face
    with such a beautiful glow.
    So thank you for being an incredible grandfather
    to me and all the rest,
    and let it be known to all out there
    that you were the very best.

    Ebony And Trinity
  2. Well Graeme its time to say goodby. Goodby to a good, stubborn ,funny ,loud loveing man . But all that is what made graeme graeme My brother inlaw the man who would knock on my front door on a cold Melbourne night with shorts on …….I loved you very much as did Brendon and Benjamin

    See you on the other side

    Donella Reynolds
  3. We will miss u bridges u were a great friend who will be cherished forever in our hearts we love you n miss rest in piece love the sharpies

    belinda an matthew sharp
  4. to my darling Graeme
    I know i didnt have get a chance to say everything i needed to say to you before you were taken from us. Graeme you were a wonderful father grandfather and most of all a wonderful loving husband . I miss you and love you with all my heart . Thank you for being my husband friend and lover . Always thinking of you Love Lyn

    lyn miner
  5. Well buddy I guess its time to bid farewell. I’ll never forget all the help you gave me both with learning to drive roadrangers and for you and your family just being there for me, treating me as part of your family when I was down and needed it most. You were a good man who was taken way to early. I miss you mate, i miss your late night phone calls when you’re out on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere seeking a chat to assist you staying awake, i used to do it to with you there for a while as well and know how much it would help, i also miss your sometimes corny but funny text messages at all hours. i miss hearing your voice and all the footy conversations we had, i miss having a drink with you at panthers, boy didn’t we have some good nights there.
    But most of all I miss the feeling of i guess you could call it “brotherly love” because thats how I saw you mate. You were like a brother to me and Lyn a sister. Farewell old mate, I’ll never forget you. See you on the flip side.

    Tony Friend
  6. Dad you taking from this world at a young age but you did it your way and no other way dad your were my idol and always will be. as i travel the highways hoping i would run in to you but then i realize that your not around so i hope that your in that seat next to me. i miss that phone calls asking me to look up for pizza shops in the surrounding area and asking you for help on finding different ways to go into Canberra people say that you were a great man but i say there wrong your a legend and that you spent that last five years running the highways not for the money but for the love of driving. all the knowledge that u have taught me from driving truck well not be lost and every time i touch the highways you will always be remember and i thank you for the life you and mum have given me and all the memory’s that you have given me and the love and comfort you gave me throw hard times. so all i can say dad is goodbye mate and i will see you soon so we to tear up heaven bye dad i will always love you and no one can ever feel the hole in my heart were you belong.

    Daniel Miner
  7. God saw u getting tired and his cure was not to put his arms around you and make you better, but to put his arms around you and whispered “come with me” with tearful eyes we watched you and saw you pass away, although we all love you dearly we couldn’t make you stay.
    A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest,a man that had a love of driving has parked his truck.
    God broke our heart to prove…… to us he only takes the best…….

    Rachel Binney

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