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Service. 07.01.2010

Frederick “Fred” Ronald Wombey(MM)

Aged 87 Years 24.07.1922-02.01.2010

Fred’s life was celebrated on Thursday 7th January, 2010 within the North Chapel of the Pinegrove Memorial Park – Minchinbury. The service was officiated by Celebrant Michelle Latham.

The chapel was filled with many of Fred’s family members & friends bidding him a fine farewell.

Memories of Fred’s life were spoken by close family friend Wayne Jones, with a tribute conducted by the Members of the Vietnam Veteran’s Association of St.Mary’s for the time that Fred served in the Army. The Last Post was played live by Bobby Henderson – a very fine tribute to a fine Digger..

Fred will be sadly missed by his family – never forgotten, always remembered, admired & loved…

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Funeral Poem


'In war, there are lives risked and lives taken

Men and women giving their best to defend what they love

They defend their country

Their honor

Their people'

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