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Service. 15.05.2009

Eva Mikita

Aged 50 Years 28.04.1959-07.05.2009

Eva’s life was celebrated at Holy Spirit Parish – St. Clair on Friday 15th May, 2009, by Father Brian Fitzpatrick, OSA, after which the funeral cortege proceeded to St.Mary’s Cemetery for interment.

Eva was a special daughter to Elizabeth, a devoted wife of Jack and a cherished mother. Eva’s daughters from Yugoslavia also attended the service. A compassionate, caring, warm lady Eva will be sadly missed by all who knew her, especially her friend Patricia.

Eva Mikita's Guestbook

  1. Eva will be sadly missed and always be in our memories

    Jack & Donna Mikita
  2. We born, then we die… we celebrate, then we mourn…

    Eva was an amazing lady. So kind and open hearted, so sweet. A big heart. she was always positive.
    She was very strong and hardly complained. To me, she was not just a friend. she was like a family. I ve know her for 13 yrs. i respected her, i adored her.

    She fought her first battle of cancer with hope and strength. i admired that. It was a major operation but she was strong and still smiled. When she found out her second cancer came back she told me ” darling, i’m so scared”… i will never forget that. I told her be positive and have hope like how she has always been … and so she did!

    sometimes i ask, why do good and kind people pass away in a tragedy way… why cant we just have a peaceful death? why do diseases advance and take control over our body. Unfortunately thats life!!

    Eva is now peaceful and she is still alive in our hearts and minds. She will never be forgotten.

    Dear Eva
    Thank you for having me as a friend and thank you so much for being in my life! Thank you so much for accepting me as a family member. i have always adored you and will always. And one day we will meet again xoxox



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Funeral Poem

'Everyday in some small way
Memories of you come our way.
Though absent, you are always near
Still missed, loved and always dear.'

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