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Service. 25.03.2010

Doreen Anne Ross (OAM)

Aged 68 Years 24.03.1941-17.03.2010

Over 400 family & friends attended the Celebration of Life of Doreen Anne Ross on Thursday 25th March, 2010 at Riverstone Cemetery, Riverstone. The service was officiated by Paul Scott of NSW Rural Fire Service.

In true style, Doreen was led into the Cemetery by a tanker from Schofields Brigade & a guard of honour was also formed by members of the NSW Rural Fire Service. A Piper played as Doreen was carried across to her final resting place.

Memories of Doreen’s life were spoken by Trevor & Wendy, grandson Mark & personal tributes were delivered by Steve Ingram & Captain Rick Truswell.

In recognition for the time devoted to many community organizations, children from St. John’s Primary School read prayers.

A time of reflection saw many flowers placed & many people stopped to reflect & remember the wonderful times that they had shared with a unique lady.

Doreen was laid to rest with her beloved Ernie, after which balloons were released by the family to bid farewell to a beautiful, special, amazing woman who touched many, many lives…

Doreen Anne Ross (OAM)'s Guestbook

  1. Nan, you will be loved always and missed greatly.

    Adam Ross
  2. Mum, We put on a bit of a show for ya!! Lights, sirens and all. Just the way you would have liked it :)
    We are all going to miss ya!!!

    Trevor Ross
  3. Nan, hope you enjoyed the show. May you rest in peace and know that your spirit and strength will live on forever.

    Aaron Ross
  4. Hi Dors, you shld be so proud of how many people came to say goodbye and remember the fun times we all have had with you. It was a great tribute to your life and generosity. We are going to miss you heaps. You taught us about selfless giving. Still cant belive you wont be at our Wednesday dinners at the club, but know u will be looking down on us. We’ll raise one to you! Thanks for being such a great fiend to us all. Love you forever Cathy xxx

    Cathy and Alan Seymour
  5. Mum, my best friend we are all going to miss you, but we sent you off in style. Look out Dad she’s on her way

    Luv ya

    Wendy Graham
  6. Nan, you will be missed and even if you are not here physically you memory wil live on forever

    Kieren Graham
  7. To Doreen,
    It has been a pleasure and priviledge to know both you and ernie for the last 12 years through Schofields Bushys. You always had a smile and i cant think of one occassion i didnt see you smile. Aimee and feel privalge and honored to be ask by Rick to pick you up last xmas eve and bring you to the station to reveal the sleighs honored to you and Ernie. “Still make me laugh when we were pulling out your drive way and you said wait the santa suites what did i do with them and then then the big search in your house looking for them haha, but like always you everything fell into place and the santa run ran like clockwork. Doreen may you rest in peace and you and Ernie can look over us for ever on end.
    Will always be missed Watto & Aimee.

    Andrew Watson & Aimee Norgate
  8. Will think of you often Doreen with love and affection. You were an amazing lady and an even more amazing Nan. I will be forever thankful that my son’s had you in their lives. Kerry Robertson

    Kerry Robertson
  9. Doreen, you meant many thing to many people including us. You were an inspiration and wonder of a lady. You will be missed. Our love goesto your family. God Bless.

    Michael & Wendy Borg, Carol & Brian Martin
  10. Doreen, you and Ernie where very instrumental in my time with the schoies brigade. With you both now gone the link between the brigade and the Ross family has now ceased. Although im no longer a member im sure the current members will keep yours and Ernie memory alive. jimbo

  11. Doreen, no matter how many times we heard your favourite expression of us being a bunch of wallie’s used on countless occasions during my time with Schoey’s Brigade, 1986- 93. Both yourself and Ernie will sadly be missed by all that knew you, as you treated not only us like extended family, but others as well! Have fun in that great big fire shed in the sky!!!

    Damian Reynolds
  12. aunty dors , it gives me comfort that you are in the arms of the angels and that you had such a wonderfull send off . your spirit and happiness will always flow through my veins and into my children lives . miss you heaps and the smell of chorline will always remind me of you —- you light and we fight them xxxxxxxxxxxxx nick

    nick lane
  13. Doreen,a friend to us all it,s hard to believe that you have gone and left our shore,s. We,ve shared a laugh or two and even the odd cup of coffee. Will be missed ,but not forgotten

    Raymond and Lisa Weiss
  14. i believe you Nan deserve to know that the 5 of us, will not only miss you, we will aspire to be the great men that you will be proud of.

    Even though you’re not here in body, your presence will be felt; your memory will live on, you won’t be forgotten, you will be missed, but most importantly you will always be loved

    Mark Ross
  15. Doreen,
    A wonderful full of life lady. Your pleasant smile made all the chlorine worth while. You will be forever missed by the local community.

    The Perry Family
  16. Doreen ya Wally – you missed the best piss up in ages! It was a great wake, you would have loved it. Lots of laughs, tall tales, good memories shared – and a lot of horse voices the next day. But without you there leading us we were a bit like a ship without a rudder, looking helplessly at each other as we tried to work out where to carry on once the first club refused to serve us anymore. We all cried a little too, you are sorely missed and never forgotten. Thanks so much for giving me and my family more than you could ever possibly imagine. We will always love you, Steve (Metric), Maree, Ryan and Sara.

    Steve Ingram
  17. Sorry I couldn’t be there last Thursday, my thoughts were with you, Trevor, Wendy and families. You were a beautiful, loving and caring woman……a true inspiration to all women and one that will be sadly missed by me and all those who knew and loved you.  Maree

    Maree Ingram
  18. What a great loss to the community,so many people gathered to say their final goodbyes,a fitting tribute to a wonder lady (although I can hear you calling me a wally in the background)
    Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre and all that work there will never forget you Dor – you gave soooo much to the comminity without expectation,you will be forever in my heart.

    Maree Fayne
  19. Dors
    I’m so glad I googled your name and found this site. God, I can’t believe I will never see you again. You have been a loved member of the staff at school for so long, we are going to miss you always.
    On a personal note, I will never forget you and Ernie and will always be grateful for the positive influence you had on my boy’s life.
    Rest in Peace Doreen, till we meet again!

    Cathy Downey
  20. Well we should be heading to your house today for breakfast :(
    We all miss ya but we are trying to get along as you would want. Happy Mothers Day !! :)

    Trevor Ross
  21. Mum, Missing you heaps on this special day luv ya xox

    Wendy Graham
  22. Todays another big day we”ll miss you being Aaron and Naomis wedding. You wont be forgotten. Love ya

    Mark Ross
  23. Well last week was Aaron and Naomi’s wedding and this week Adam has poped the question to Wendy. Its all good and everyone is trying to get along. Big night tonight at the club with the juinor sports award being named after you. Thanks to you I have to make another speach in public :)

    Trevor Ross
  24. Well what a great day for great women. Julia Gillard first Australian female PM. Got a message from Lynn this morning and she and I know you and Grandfather would have been watching over and saying good on ya :)

    Trevor Ross
  25. Now with the passing of Grandma 2 of the most amazing women I have ever known have moved onto \the next place that you go\. Will love and respect you both forever.

    Kerry Robertson
  26. And so this is Christmas, we all miss you, but we know you wil with us as we unwrap the presents…Merry Christmas.. :-)

    Wendy Graham
  27. Another year and another Mothers day without you. Its still not easy but we try. Dean got the tears flowwing this morning with his wonderfull words. Love ya Mum xxxx

    Trevor Ross
  28. Just wanted to say that you world be a great grandmother now. Toby is here Thanks to Aaron and Naomi and Dean and his Naomi will be doing it again soon.

    Trevor Ross
  29. Mothers Day again without you, You would have been so proud of being a great Nana. The tears still flow…luv ya <3

    Wendy Graham
  30. Nan. Though the years have passed, the pain does not lessen. There will always be reminders of you, your kind heart, your willingness to give and your enthusiasm towards family and friends. From your countless hours volunteering in the community, to always having an open door no matter how long or how soon it was since you last caught up with someone. The impact you had on the world was greater than I guess you imagined. You will be missed.

    Another christmas has just come and gone, once again, it just doesn’t feel the same with out you, no chocolate coins on the tree, no boxes of chips left over from the santa run, and no giant hugs as we arrived at nans place. It was little Williams second christmas this year. I think you would have loved him. Watching him running around exploring reminds me of when I was little and the twins and I would be exploring out the back of nan and pops, playing on the railway lines, trying to make the elastic bands reach to the train line. Pop used to love it when we played with his elastic bands.

    You’ll be glad to know I’m still in the navy. Got myself a few of my own medals now. You’ll be even happier to know that dad did some investigating and I’m also allowed to wear yours on ANZAC day. So needless to say that that will be the most important pin on my chest come April.

    Anyway, I’ll let you get back to stalking us all on facebook or how ever it is you keep an eye on us all from up there. Just thought I’d keep you in the loop and let you know that I stumbled across this page purely because I miss you still. Love you nan

    Dean Ross
  31. Wore your OAM today for ANZAC Day thinking of you always…xox 25/4/15

    Wendy Graham
  32. Well the drought has broken after 56 years a baby girl. Aaron & Naomi brought into the world Baby “Maya”. So proud you have been, she joins Toby Her Big Brother and William her Cousin. xox 1/1/17

    Wendy Graham

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