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Service. 13.04.2010

Colin Thomas “Rossco” Ross

Aged 59 Years 21.08.1950-04.04.2010

Over 100 family & friends gathered in the North Chapel of Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury on Tuesday 13th April, 2010 to bid farewell to a man that loved life & lived each day to the fullest. Col’s service was officiated by Rev. David Wrightson.

Memories of Col’s life were spoken by his sister Kerrie, who delivered the moving tribute of her brother on behalf of Col’s Mum – Peggy. Chelona, Col’s daughter also spoke of the wonderful man that her Dad was to all the children & good family friend Wes shared the memories of Col –the mate..

Col was a man that was loved & admired by many people – he liked a drink, time with his family & friends & anything to do with the bush..

A son, husband, brother, uncle, pop, great pop, & friend, Col will be forever missed by all who knew him..

Colin Thomas “Rossco” Ross's Guestbook

  1. Thank you to all who helped make Dad’s service a wonderful one.

    Chelona Ross
  2. It was a beautiful service. Thankyou. Charmaine, Chelona, Doug, Shane and Amie, we all love you xoxo

    Kylie De Groot and Saxyne Goulden
  3. Charmaine & Family,

    Sorry we could not be there to say good bye to Col , We are thinking of you all and remembering the good times.

    We will all meet up again one day and Col will be there with that big cheeky grin and a nice cold welcome beverage! love to all xoxox

    Joanne & Nanna Dot
  4. Mum, Amie, Chel, Doug, Spud, Melonie and Jack,

    Im sorry we couldnt be there to say goodbye to dad, im sure you have done him all proud. We are thinking of you all and sending all of our love. Dad was a great great man and he will be sorely missed by Rob, Flyn and I. I hope yesterday was as gentle as possible on all of you. All our love, Nik, Rob & Flyn xxx

  5. Charlie, Chelona, Amie, Spud and Doug
    We are sorry that we could not be there.
    I have so many excellent memories of so many happy times that Uncle Col has been a major part of. I still don’t think it has actually sunk in yet as we have been so far away from you all here in WA.
    I hope that we can all get over some time to see you all.
    I will never forget col as he has been so influential in my life that I will never forget him.
    Lots of love to all
    Love to you Uncle Col (You and Pop and Bernie must be giving em a run for there money up there)

    Garry, Belinda, Tyler, Joel & Kurtis
  6. This lovely story was sent to me by Colin’s sister Noelene I thought that everyone should read it …. thank you Noel

    My brother.

    Colin Thomas Ross was born on 21st August, 1950. I was 10, Lesley was 2 and Kerry would not arrive for another 5 years, so I am the big sister.He was a chubby, happy baby and the apple of his father’s eye. I guess he was mischievous even as a little boy and as he grew so did the mischief. He has been a lovable rogue and larrikin all his life and no one would want him to have been any different.

    He visited the outpatients department of a number of hospitals during his life and the first lot of stitches I can remember him receiving was when he was about 4, after breaking a cream bottle on a rock he decided to stand on it. That was the first time but certainly not the last, getting his foot jammed in the door of a train – well that’s the story he told Mum – resulted in multiple stitches when he was in his early teens.

    Colin loved to visit my family on our 5 acres at Rouse Hill as he grew up and his love of anything mechanical started when he helped Uncle Eric pull down cars, trucks, tractors, motor bikes etc etc. Sunday afternoons would see Eric followed by Col, Brian and Jeff disappear through the bush across the road to get through the back fence of Amaroo Park raceway to get the best view of the best bend on the track – for free. Maybe this is where his love of speed started too. The bond that was formed so long ago continued always and there were many phone calls to Eric for advice over the years and vice a versa too.He learnt a lot of things on these visits, how to ride a horse, not very well, how to help fence a paddock, build a stable, feed and groom the horses, build tree houses, flying foxes etc Also, to evade the nips that our pony Tiny would deliver to anyone he thought wasn’t looking.

    My kids also learnt a little of nature from Uncle Colin – how to bring up emus. Colin arrived with a box one day with four little emu chicks for us to raise. First with the eye dropper and then onto normal food. Unfortunately those cute little chicks developed into large emus who had a bad toilet habit right at my back door. They were shipped off to the Featherstone Nature Park much to the angst of my kids especially Jeff.

    His bedroom had a very unique wallpaper as he became a teenager and was old enough to get his licence. Defect notices forthe many cars he built or rebuilt and often didn’t quite finish lined his walls.

    Mum and Dad were so proud when he joined the army and seeing him in his uniform brought back many memories for me of Dad’s visits home during his period of service during World War 2 when I was very young.

    Dad and Colin were caught up in many ventures over the years, that word larrikin also applied to my Dad, stock cars, trotters, greyhounds and many more. They raced their stock car at Parramatta Speedway and one day I was told by them both that I was to drive that day in the ladies race. I had never driven this car or any other race car and when the officials insisted that I could not wear my glasses, I was pretty blind without them, both Dad and Colin said “Don’t worry, if you see anything in your way just hit the b…………thing and keep driving”. I did and much to my surprise and their delight I won the b………race!

    Racing pigeons gave Colin and his son Shane much pleasure and some success over the years and it was good to see their father – son relationship was as strong as Colin and his Dad’s had been.

    Last year we had a family reunion for Mum’s birthday, just her four kids with her for a weekend. The look of surprise on her face when Col tapped her on the shoulder at Circular Quay I will never forget. The day was so special with a beer at a pub in the rocks at 11.00am, afternoon spent on the harbour eating seafood and drinking his favourite VB, telling Mum that her surprise was to climb the harbour bridge. That was a fib. A wonderful weekend to treasure forever.

    Our family has grown considerably and the miles have separated us all. Often, unexpectedly I would receive a phone call to tell me that he was coming for a visit only to find that he was not on his way he was parked out the front.

    Colin loved his family and we all loved him. Over the years we have always kept in touch either with visits or by phone and I will miss that contact very much. Thank you Charmaine for letting Eric and I be part of the last tough months, I will treasure the time we have spent with you both forever.

    Easter Sunday 4th April, 2010 will have bittersweet memories for my family forever – our second great grandson Jace Single was born at 10.30am and Colin lost his battle at 11.50pm on the same day. A new life began and another ended.

    Colin and I always ended our phone conversation with the same farewell “see you, love you “.

    So Col – see you love you. Noelene

  7. Dear Charlie & Family,
    Even though its been awhlie since i have seen you all i have such great memories of always beeing at yours & colins house growing up what sticks out in those memories is that all the kids who would be at your house every week end & school hoildays is that colin had a nick name for all of us who went there & only he cold use the nick name for us,i would like to Thank Colin & yourself not just for myself but from all of us you both made so welcome . He was loved by so many of us.

    Jody Heness/Simpson.

    jody heness /simpson

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