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Service. 12.07.2010

Ashley John Cooper

Aged Years 13.12.1989-03.07.2010

The South Chapel of Forest Lawn Memorial, Leppington was filled with many family members and friends on Monday 12th July, 2010 when Michelle Latham officiated at the Celebration of Life of Ashley John Cooper.

A moving tribute of the wonderful grandson & the legacy that Ashley left behind was delivered by Ashley’s Grandfather – Robert Copper. Memories were also spoken by other family members and friends who had been touched by a young man, taken from us all at such a young age.

A DVD showcasing the many facets of Ashley’s life was also shown.

Ashley was a partner, son, father, grandson, brother, cousin and confidant to many. A young man who wore many hats in his short life, will always be remembered & never forgotten..

The family would like to send a special thank you to the wonderful, caring, loving staff who dedicated their time to Ashley at his time of need..

Ashley John Cooper's Guestbook

  1. My little brother Ashley,

    I cant belive you were taken so soon, Miss you so much. But i do know that you are up there looking over us all. you will be missed but never forgotten.

    Love Roxy Rob and Bailey.

    PS little brother Rob is looking after me just like you told him to.

    Roxy Johnson
  2. ashley u thank u for all your thoughts with lucy as u were fighting the same enamy god bless u mate i know u r in the grandstand in heaven watching football thk u barry

  3. Ashley you were so strong in your fight with this terrible disease, you r missed so much by me and everyone who knew you. i know you r in a better place and free from pain and i know mum is looking after you and you r looking after her and im glad that you r both together you both were fighters till the end and we r so proud of you both.miss you heaps……………… suexxxxxxx

    sue coleiro
  4. Ash! Thanx for all the great times we had together, thanx for looking out for me! You were like an older brother to me! You were the nicest bloke out there. I’m glad that you are in a better place and not in pain anymore! Miss u heaps! Love your cousin Julz xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Julia Ovens
  5. to my good bro i miss you so much i love you so much and i miss you with all my heart and i wish you never got this cancer it just not fair i love you and you should be here with us all and youre family and other people ill never forget you and all the good times we had and i love you so much always ya lil sis 4ever vanessa <3 XXXX

    vanessa sister
  6. i miss yu soo much ):
    its just not the same .

    just wanna see yu smileing one more time xxx
    i love yu .

    alysha ryan
  7. baby its almost been a year since u been going and it still cant sink in enough i love u with every inch or air i breath i love u soo much and sometimes it would be a hole lot better just to hold u i still cant explain how much u made my heart complete and now your gone it feels theres a big hole . our lil boi misses u every day and i know u would b proud of him ashley i love u with all my heart xoxoxoxoxox

    your wife ur lover ur sould
  8. well ash it been a year i would do anything to have you bak here with all of us i know that not going to happened i have so much to talk to you about you were everything to me our family to everyone else you were a good brother a good friend to everyone i dont know how i am ever going to live without my world is nothing without you ash i just dont understand why it had t happened to you you were so kind to everyone and i miss you every single day and ill never forget about you love you and always will youre in my heart 4ever <3 XxX

    vanessa sister
  9. well ashley i miss you so much my heart is always going be broken without you i care alot about you and you will always be the best in everyone eyes i dont know why this horrible thing had to happened to you but it did and if i could of taken all that pain away from you i would of i just want to to know i never stop thinking about you you are always on my mind and i cry all the time thinking what we all had with you its just not fair everyone is missing you more each day you were such a bright person and everyone new that i always go through photos when we use to live in albury growing up so much we did i miss thoes day were we would get up and just jump in the pool from the roof but there happy things i always keep telling myself i think maybe this is just a dream but i know it not ill always be here and i hope you can hear me talk you when i go out side and think and talk you and hold your’e picture of me u and nathan well i could write alot more but i dont know if this would help but i do want u to know how much i care about you and miss you every single day my heart brakes thinking of the bad stuff but people tell me always reamber the good times but how can i when all i see is you so sick love you mate and always will forever in my heart <33 xoxoox youre sister xxxxx

  10. Bro you been gone for so long now it never gets easier for me I wish I could just see you one more time just to tell you how much I love you wish I got more time with you I have 2 beautiful kids now and I know you are looking down on us all especially you’re beautiful boy Lachlan I wish my pain would just go away but to be honest I don’t think I will ever get over loosing you but I know you are in my heart you wasn’t just my brother you where my rock and my best friend and I can’t have you anymore and it sucks I hate it I wish you never got cancer I love you and you you where simply the best in everyone eyes always people always tell me you’re pain free now and you are in a good place but how do I know this I don’t but I hated seen you like that and in that pain love always you’re sister Vanessa I’ll never forget you rip my beautiful big brother Ashley


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'Your life was a blessing
your memory a treasure...
You are loved beyond words
and missed beyond measure...'

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