My Mother

By Melton Culberth


You raised us kids
And always lived right.
We were safe and warm,
Before you slept each night.

You worked hard
All through your life
As a friend, a mother,
And a faithful wife.

You weren’t rich, or poor
Or even famous.
But you did your best
And always loved us.

Life’s not easy
Nor is it fair.
Now you’re older
With gray in your hair.

You have always cared,
And done for others.
So here’s a salute,
To my Mother.


Mum made the days bright and happy,
And the sun shone all around.
She made everything cheerful, and on her face
Was a sweet peaceful smile.

On [Month] the [Day] life was not so kind
And dark clouds of death gathered.
But her love brought us days of comfort and joy,
And her life made it all worthwhile.