Pre-planning your service

Many people already have in mind the way that they would like their life to be celebrated. Have you thought about the type of service that you would like?

  • What music would you like played? Would you like pipers, a vocalist or recorded music? Is there a song that is special to you?
  • Would you like a Religious Service or a Celebrant?
  • Where would you like your service held?
  • Who would you like to speak at your service?
  • Do you want to be buried or cremated? What type of casket or urn would you like?
  • Is there anything special that you would like to commemorate your life (use your imagination!)

Pre-planning is a positive step to ensure your life is celebrated exactly the way you want it. Why not call Michelle on (02) 9623 6656 or email to ensure that all of your wishes (or those of a loved one) are carried out.