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Service. 16.02.2010

Kelsie Leigh Coleman

Aged 15 Years 06.05.1994-07.02.2010

On Tuesday 16th February, 2010, the North Chapel of Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury was overflowing when over 400 of Kelsie’s family & friends came to say goodbye to a beautiful young lady whose life was tragically cut short in a road accident..The service was officiated by Celebrant Michelle Latham..

Memories of Kelsie’s life were spoken by her aunt Melissa, after which a DVD highlighting her life was shown..Not a dry eye in the place & as they say “a picture paints a thousand words”.. Words can’t describe how special Kelsie was…

At the conclusion of the service, 3 balloons were released in memory of Kelsie, Chris & Bobby – all together now & at peace..

A loving daughter of Sharron & Shawn, big sister to Brock, neice, granddaughter & friend to many, Kelsie will always be remembered..

Kelsie Leigh Coleman's Guestbook

  1. kelsie will never be missed she was such a beautiful girl who’s life was taken at such a young age we all miss you kelsie wish you were still here R.I.P kelsie,chris and bobby. Xx

    Kelsey Taylor
  2. Kelsie Leigh Coleman , you were such a young , beautiful , smart girl who knew how how to make everyone’s day . Your life was taken away from you way to soon ,and we all wish you were still here with us , R.I.P baby girl forever in our hearts . Iloveyou and miss you dearly babe , xoxo .

    Fiona Hodge
  3. baby your missed by everyone just wish you would walk back in your door and give the huge smile you always used to :)
    your beautiful and forever missed each day without you is a day closer to me seeing you again :) ..
    R.I.P baby girl forever with us i love you <3

    christie godwin
  4. kelise leigh coleman baby i miss you so so so much its not funny i hope ur having a good time up there il see you again baby

    i love you (L)

    caitlin may
  5. Not a single moment passes that your not on my mind, thou we may not be blood related we were cousins at heart. i will forever keep you in my heart <3 i love you my precious angel
    Rest In peace Kelsie Coleman – 06.05.1994 – 07.02.2010

    Irene Spanos
  6. KelsieLeighColeman ; babygirl i miss you more and more as each days passes, its just another day closer to being with you again. i just wish you could come back to us , and brighten up the room by your entrace. Its so hard to understand why you , why the three of yous had to go, && the hardest thing for me to do is realise , i always look at the photo of you on bebo , and the funeral note , and its hard for me to understand that your gone! The thing that hurts me most, is that , the first person i ever had to loose and the first funeral i ever had to go to is yours , and i just wish you could come back to us , but one day ; just one day i will be with you again babygirl ; && all will be good again. But i know , if there is anything wrong just look up to you , bekos i knoe youll always be looking down on all your friends. your missed && loved by so many bub , and that wont ever change. when i first met you it was easy to say hello , but now that your gone , its too hard for me to say goodbye , so im not going to say bye babe , bekos i knoe ill be seeing you again very soon !
    iloveeyou <3 always && forever my precious angel .
    Rest Eazy Baby girl , KelsieLeighColeman 06051994 // 07022010
    Forever a place in my heart babygirl.x

    Tara King
  7. hm, I just don’t know what to say to you anymore, I can’t put what I wanna say in words .. you leaving has impacted me, and so many other people .. but I’m not gunna sit here, and be all upset. I will be inside, for a long long time but I know you wouldnt want it be like that. you were allways happy, and allways laughing. I’ll never forget your laugh, it was so cute. missing you so much kelsie, I really wish you were still here ..

    rest east beautiful, allday thinking of you <3

    Daniel piljek
  8. kelsie baby i miss you so much , each day tht goes by it hurts even more . i miss ubaby .
    forever in our hearts

    Bianca Tucker
  9. rest in peace to the beautiful kelsie leigh coleman
    you brought such much life to everyone and now that has been takin from us but you will always live in our hearts but it still aint going to be the same with out you because we can’t see or hear your beautiful voice i miss you kelsie i wish you and bobby and chris coould all just come back but life dont work like that soo i cant wait to see your 3 beautiful souls again i miss use <3 :(

  10. kelbell ,

    baby girl each days getting harder , i know your having fun up there not a day goes by that im not thinking aboutt you – come home soon. your so beautiful and i miss u alot ,

    rest in peace kelsie leigh coleman (L)

    Bianca Tucker
  11. babyykel
    cant believe your gonee
    i miss youu soo muchh
    well ill see u again one day
    loveee youuu

  12. fifteen and she was taken from home
    To fight a war that was not her own
    She was fightin for her life paid the ultimate price
    Now her mother’s all alone They brought a flag to her door
    Sayin, she won’t see her only daughter anymore
    Now how she’s ‘pose to make it when her precious heart she hates it
    A heart’s that broken to the core; Do you hear the world cryin’
    ‘Cause our people are dyin’
    But things will get better, they’ll get better if we stick together
    She has two kids she’s a wife
    But she seems to be loosin’ the fight
    She’s lost’ without her daughter and no onehas the answer
    Cause now with the angels she flies♥.

    i couldnt imagine loosing a daughter if i had one , or a brother or sister, i cudant even imagine the pain her parents are going through; must be hard to live life knowing they cant see her as often as they use to; but she will always be with them no matter if shes visiable or not. my heart goes out to her parents and brother ; man how hard is it gunaa be when little brock grow up wondering where his big sisy has gone, lifes not easy it was meant to be a challenge, they say to everyone soon with the angels you’ll fly, but kels was too young to fly , i will see you soon enough babygirl. forever and alway in my heart i loveeyou .xx

  13. only spoke to you once or twice babe, but your amazing. your missed by so many people. your in a better place now. we all love you. <3

    courtney cunningham
  14. rest easy kelsie coleman ♥ ;

    mikaela gibbs
  15. keeel bell i seriously , cant believe that you have gone.! i still cant believe that iam never gunna get to spend time with you anymore. no more latenight laughs , or picking on people. this is all unbelievable , i really cant believe it , & i dont understand why you had to be taken babygirl. but they say the good die young :( but you where to young to go but god neeedah an angle & unfortanly he chose you babygirl ,as days go by i no iam getting closer to seeing you again. but it still feels like yur only a phone call away but unfortanly its not that anymore. the other day i was really down & i was looking at some pictures of you while i was laying in bed & starting thinkking about all thoose good memories we had togther, :( :( :( missing them hard kels , & for some werid reason i picked up my phone & rang you number & heard you voice , its like you where still there & you wanted to talk but you wasent talking back.! missing you more & more eveyrday . i shall see your prretty face sooon. loveyou Princess . <3

  16. kels it was so sad saying bye to you. and wish we didnt have to say goodbye that way but we all love you and i know Laura and well EVERYONE misses you heaps.. take care up there and see you again one day <3 xx

  17. Kelsieee, was such a beautiful young girl, i only met her a few times but she always brought a smile to my face.. she is amazing.. On the day of the accident, i had just woken up and hear what happened. All i could do was cry and cry abd cry, knowing that she was gone forever.. Babe, you will never be forgotten… Miss You

    Jade Leigh Abbott
  18. Kelsiiie i carnt explain how much i miss u i wish u were here by all of our sides agin babeeey girrl we all loveee u
    Your gone but ner forgotten thats 4 suree babiiie

  19. Kelsieee, missing you
    cant believe your gone bubz


  20. that beautiful gerl that with a single smile ,
    would light up a million stars, would make a million days
    & would be seen by a million people . those memories ,
    those laughs & just evrithing about you , left speechless ;
    yet at least i kno yur lookn down on us ♥

    katie .
  21. baaby girl where do I start ; Im missing you soo much ! I miss having you around , all those memories we have had ahaa jeeez never gunna forget them :) lovee you heaps and will see you soon my precious <3

    a million words wont bring you back i know because ive tryed , either would a million tears i know because ive criedd . <3

  22. babygirl,
    i miss you soo much!!
    the past year has gone so quick and i can’t believe you’re still gone.
    i think about you alot, and i’m planning to come visit you really soon.
    i miss you!, i miss how you made me laugh, and how your smile just brightened up the room and everyones life. you were absolutely gorgeous baby and i wish you could come back; but i know you are up above watching everyone and keeping everyone safe. i just wish you could come home babygirl. always on my mind, forever in my heart.
    i love you gorgeous girl <3 xxxx

  23. kelsie , you were a beautiful girl , we had heaps of mutual friends and they all told me when u passed away how gorgeous you were! i may not have ever met you , but i know you had a lot in life ahed of you and that you never deserved to die:( your life was taken away from you so early , it was an accident that we all leaerned mistakes from ! We were all so sad to see that your life had been taken away from you when we all wondered ; ‘god , why did you take her life away not some idiot that deserved it’
    we were all devestated and we always will be , kels you may be gone but you will never be forgotten ! You are amazing <3
    rip baaaaaabygirl <3
    weall love you bubba <3 stay safe up there buuuuuby . xxxxxxx

  24. girlfriend ,
    i know its been a while but i haven’t stopped thinking about u ever, every day im dropping tears for you . i dont know what to say i just miss u so much words can’t explain . without u here nothing is the same , i cant run over to ur house & see if ur awake anymore , :( why’d u have to go so fast and so quick we still had so many more memories to go . i love you kels, so much ! millions of tears drop from my face for u , and many other people . i promise u ill see u soon this isn’t goodbye its cya later cos it’ll be soon babe i promise , life will go quick . i love you <3 rest in peace in paradise in heaven , ur an angel now babe … <3

    Casey Lodge
  25. Kelsie and i met when she was 5. She became my guardian angel when Sharron an Shawn were either my nieghbour or let me stay with them. We used to go shopping on saturdays and i even took her to the zoo. life went down then back up for me but i always wondered wat happened to that little angel. only tonight near a year gone and i find that she is where angels go. Sorry Sharron and Shawn. Safe journey little Kelsie. xxooxx

    Ashlee Cottam
  26. kels baby girl you are truley missed, i love you

    jade abbott
  27. i honestly dont know where to begin ,
    i havent posted on here for a while so here we go …

    each day i sit here and wonder why you ? why did he have to take the people who ment so much to everyone? i still remember the times where you used to come to mine & drink than end up throwing up in my garden ; i cry each night wishing you were still with us .. today i missed you , tomorrow ill miss you and each day im going to miss you until im with you again. I’ll see you in my dreams princess <3 ; i love you kelsie x

    Bianca Tucker
  28. looking at this today made me soo upset :( miss you kelss think of you every day ! <3 i love you

    Daniel Owen
  29. I miss u heaps kelsie it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen u I love u and I am now old enough to see what happened and why u went away I wish there were more days I could have seen u and cuddled u more days I could have seen ur smile and hear u laugh every night I say goodnight to u so hopefully u can hear me too
    I love u he lie sweet dreams xxx
    See u soon x


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