Service. 24.09.2009

Christine Gai White

Aged 50 Years 03.01.1959-20.09.2009

A moving celebration of Chris’s life was celebrated at Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury on Thursday 24th September, 2009, officiated by Senior Minister David Clarke. Memories of Chris’s life were spoken by her family members & poems that Chris had written were also shared with the many people that attended. A treasured daughter of Alf (dec) & Beverley, loving sister of Paul (dec),Gary, Kerrie & Bret, sister in law of Karen, adored mother of Tracey, Cassie & Nicole & their partners Nidal, Byron & Christopher. Chris was also a loving grandmother & aunt of their children. A beautiful lady that will be remembered by many…

Christine Gai White's Guestbook

  1. its going to be really hard with out mum
    i know i wasnt the best of kid hope mum forgives me for all the bad things i have done.
    I will always love her and will always love mum
    mum u will always be my heartxxxxxooooo

    Nicole White
  2. my mum was and still is an amazing woman who taught us girls to be independent mum was proud of all us 3 girls she loved us as we loved her with all our hearts to lose your mum is like losing part of yourself we grew inside her the first noise we heard was mums heartbeat the 1st sound was mums voice mum i love you and always will not in past tense but the past now and the future i will always love you im so happy that you were my mum and that god gave you as my mum thankyou i love you xxxxxxx oooooooooo kisses and hugs forever

    tracey crawford
  3. Dearest mum, it’s been 1 year and 3 months today. I miss you so much it’s so frustrating not having you here not being able to talk to you when I need to. I’m so grateful to you for being my mum if you were here now you would be proud I’m now a nurse I passed with distinctions,and I believe it’s all thanks to god and you, you have always believed in me and I always had a picture of u with me in class and when I thought something was hard I looked at your picture and youhelped me through it I live you so much part of me died when you died and one day god willing we will see each other again XXXXXXX wish u were here

  4. Dearest mum,
    It’s now been 3 years 5 months since you passed away its so hard without you,I still go to pick up the phone and call to tell you what’s going on.. Asking advice or having a shoulder to lean on is hard,nidal is great cass Nicky and I have still talk but not like it was before the whole family has fallen apart since you and pop passed away miss you both terribly my heart aches,Aunty Kerrie is amazing thank god she is in my life we have become close bret and Gary don’t talk to us anymore Kim Joel found us :) and uncle Darren Nadine and I have started to keep in touch more frequent.
    Mum I miss you I love you and life is hard without you that piece if my heart is missing and mourning for you still and will forever,
    Cass is pregnant :) so another grandchild so excited,
    This is silly I’m writing like you will reply just need to feel like your close anyway much love miss you so so much
    Tracey lea :( xo

    Tracey Crawford
  5. its been almost 6 years since mum passed away and life without her is hard but we are all leaving this life sooner or later but my mum was a kind caring loving person who helped many yet never did anything nice for herself.
    I have so much love and respect for my mum as did many others.
    I miss having the only person in the world that listened to me full hearted and never judged or said I have no time.
    My sisters and I were blessed with an amazing mum yet life was hard at times there were struggles she was always Strong and always was there told have that shoulder for people to lean on even if she was going through struggles she always have that advice.
    I wish I had of helped mum to go overseas if only just once but mum was sick a lot in life and i felt she wasn’t fit enough to travel but mum was amazing anyone to of known her was lucky.
    I miss and love my mum so so bad it hurts

  6. Oh my how I wish you were here to share the news.
    Your going to be a great grandmother and I’m going to be a nan at 38 can you believe it I can’t I’m still in shock and if you were alive you would guess who without me saying a word yes Michael he met a lovely girl named Ashley she is 20 a hairdresser very sweet girl.God willing all works out and the baby is healthy and grows up happy.
    I can’t believe it though I’m totally freaking out now I know how u felt being a young nan anyway missing you terribly xoxo

  7. Hi mum I know this is silly writing to you all the time but it’s my way of talking to you. I HAVE SOME NEWS !!!!!
    Michael got married and your going to be a great grandmother yes that’s right I’m going to be a nan not even 40 yet :) the girls name is Ashley she is a lovely girl I’m so happy for her and Michael.
    She’s a shy quiet girl she is a hairdresser and she is going to study law to become a lawyer looks like I’ll be the baby sitter :) I didn’t realise the joy that fills your heart when you hear the news well I did well making you a nan 5 times :) I love and miss you terribly mum..
    Love and miss you everyday for always your daughter Tracey xoxo

    Tracey Crawford
  8. She lost the last baby God willing this way stays I forgot I wrote to you before but yes God took the first baby back

    Tracey Crawford

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